Parents expected to support Under 25’s housing needs

According to our Prime Minister housing benefit should be scrapped for the under 25 year olds that can’t afford to rent their own home.

In plans to target the unemployed or those on low incomes it might be proposed that you should be living with your parents if you can’t afford to pay for your own rent yourselves. This might be targeting the under 25’s but also it would have an impact on the parents.

If you are parents with a son or daughter on housing benefits, how would you feel to have them back home?

Approximately 400,000 low-paid and unemployed under 25’s would be expected to live with their parents if they cannot afford market rents saving the government and taxpayers just under 2 billion pounds a year, David Cameron said in an Mail on Sunday article.

While David Cameron said there would be exemptions to any ban on housing benefits for under 25’s in special cases like domestic violence, he also argued that the current benefits system reduces the incentives for people to get into paid work.

David Cameron is quoted as saying:

“The system currently sends the signal you are better off not working, or working less. It encourages people not to work and have children, but we should help people to work and have children,”


Unemployed Immigrants Get Council Homes

In Ealing, West London it has been discovered by Migrationwatch that 45% of social housing is occupied by unemployed foreigners.

Thousands of vacant properties in social housing are being allocated to people who have not yet paid anything into the system. Campaigners are now demanding that British citizens should be getting first choice as the waiting lists soar due to a shortage of affordable homes.

The Migrationwatch survey also found that approximately 43% of claimants for housing benefit in Haringey are immigrants and 20% in Wandsworth.

Millions of Brits are on the housing waiting lists with 350,000 of them in London. Many of the councils admit that they have no idea how many of their properties are allocated to foreign nationals.

Frank Field a labour m.p. said “For years we have been told British people on the waiting lists are getting a fair deal. Yet nobody has any idea how many new lettings are going to foreign nationals and how many to British citizens. This scandal must stop.”

The current government has said there will be an enquiry into this problem, and that they want to address the “unfair” system.

Are you a victim of this system or have any views on this? We would love to hear your comments.