Please register and post your exchange on the notice boards. Adding your exchange to the boards will give you the maximum chance to find yourself a move.

Don’t make the mistake than many tenants make by only looking at everybody elses exchanges. There might just be a visitor looking for the property you have available and therefore you could miss out massively by not posting your exchange details.

It’s completely free so it would be silly not to advertise your home. If it’s not on the boards then it’s not going to be seen.


Writing your Advert


Where to advertise

Our best advice is to post your exchange in the area that you live. Don’t make it really hard for yourself by duplicating your advert. You might think it’s best to have lots of adverts but it just makes it harder work for you. Just remember you have to find all the adverts you post and check them for replies.

Writing your Title

We recommend making your title have a real purpose.Good titles include the town/city, property type, number of bedrooms and certainly the post code. Your property is more likely to be found if you follow this advice because when people search it is more likely to be in the results. Titles such as must look or must see or exchange offered do not perform well when people search for town, cities or number of bedrooms.

Writing your Content

Go and post your exchange on the boards now in the area that you live. Remember to include as much detail as possible in the main text such as property type, number of bedrooms, and everything that you would want to know if you were looking at adverts.