very confused need exchange advice ASAP
  • I have been a council tenant for 27 yrs ive now found an exchange but its to a housing association but im worried if i happen to get into rent arrears which i have done in the past due to housing benefit error and money was back dated so everything was ok in the end.
    But ive been reading a lot about the negative side of housing associations that if u get in any sort of arrears whilst on housing association that i will get evicted promptly were as the council give u more time to sort it out
    Also what sort of tenancy would i be given would i be secure and ive also read you have to get permission to have pets when u are with housing association that u have to apply in writing to ask to have ur pet
  • come on peeps what there is no one on here that knows the answer
  • All landlords are getting tough with rent arrears. There are laws which all landlords have to adhere to. If it is housing benefit issues then all landlords will wait until sorted. If it a case of the tenant can pay but won't then all landlords will seek to evict if all avenues to get the arrears have failed. A lot of HA's don't allow pets.
    A lot of the questions you need answers for can be answered by just having a chat with the HA involved. All HA's have different rules so please just give them a ring. If you don't wish to speak to them, please leave the name of the HA here and I will look into things for you.
  • thankyou Call on: 0207 625 1818 i look forward to hearing from you