The Spare Bedroom Tax - Read!!
  • If you claim housing benefit to help pay your rent
    you may be affected by changes from April 2013.
    The changes mean that some people will get less
    housing benefit than they did before.
    Many of you will be worried about what this could
    mean for you and your family.
    Here is exactly what’s happening and what you can do to prepare.
    How many bedrooms do you have?
    From April 2013, if you live in a council or housing association
    home and you have one or more ‘spare’ bedrooms your housing
    benefit may be reduced.
    This could affect you:
    ✔ if you are 16 to 61 years old
    ✔ even if you only get a small amount of housing benefit –
    for example, if you are working
    ✔ even if you are sick or disabled
    You won’t be affected if:
    ✘ you live in a one bedroom flat or bedsit, or if
    ✘ you or your partner are old enough to receive pension credits.
    In April 2013 the pension credit age will be around 61 years
    and 6 months
    What is a ‘spare’ bedroom?
    Under the new rules if you have more bedrooms than the Government
    says you need, you will lose part of your housing benefit. The new rules
    mean you will be allocated one bedroom for:
    ✔ each adult couple
    ✔ any other person aged 16 or over
    ✔ two children of the same sex under the age of 16
    ✔ two children under the age of 10 regardless of their sex
    ✔ any other child
    ✔ a carer (who does not normally live with you) if you or your
    partner need overnight care.
    It does not matter how the ‘spare’ bedroom is used, the new rules
    will apply even if:
    ✔ you and your partner need to sleep apart because of a
    medical condition
    ✔ the main residence of your children is another address,
    but you have a spare room for when they stay with you.
    What happens if you have a ‘spare’ bedroom?
    If you have one ‘spare’ bedroom your housing benefit will be cut by
    14% of the rent you pay every week. If you have two or more spare
    bedrooms, you will lose 25%.
    If your benefit is cut you will have to pay your landlord the difference
    between your housing benefit and your rent.
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